AAC - The Autoclaved Aerated Concrete utilized by The Design Center is among the lightest and most durable concrete products available. (Click here for more info)
Vangkoe - React ceramic cement enhancer
M3000 - Fluorinated acrylic copolymers / 3-year oil sealers
Metshield - Polymeric metallic ester / 7-year sealer
Ground Zero-Conc - Sodium silicate / clean and strengthen cements
Crete Clean - Organic salt / surfactant
Cast Stone - The Design Center utilizes a cast stone that is a composite of marble aggregate and resin cast in a mold and available in a variety of finishes.
Microbaial Cleaner - Liquid surfactant / bugs
LAS 320 - Asphalt fortifier, exteds life 3 years
Epoxy and Urethanes - Commercial and industrial grades
Perma-Crete - Cement products
Poly-Cements - The Design Center uses a poly-cement as an overlay to achieve Old World stone characteristics or the appearance of polished marble. This material, composed of marble, sand, polymers, and color elements, can take on a number of specialized appearances.
Kover Krete - Cement products and polymers
Grailcoat - Acrylic copolymer modified cement / waterproof, repair, decorate finished masonry surfaces / roofing
BioSheld - Environmental cleaners and sealers/ kills germs up to 3-years
BABB International - AAC Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Please contact The Design Center for a listing of additional materials and supplies available. When you build with concrete products, build with The Design Center.

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